ABOUT SBG Bury's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Facility

Premier Training Facility for Adults and Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in Bury

Gracie JJGF Certified Academy


We are the leading BJJ & MMA gym, close to Bury & Bolton, because:

  • Only BJJ Black Belt led gym in the Bury area (8th year post black belt under Karl Tanswell).
  • Rickson Gracie Certified.
  • Also, a Judoka, Thaiboxing and MMA Instructor who coaches worldwide (USA, Korea, Ireland).
  • Qualified SBG MMA Coach since 2006.
  • 1 Assistant Black Belt Coach with 20+ years of grappling experience.
  • The only Head Coach in the area recommended by and has trained with a who’s who of the UFC and BJJ world.

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Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coaches

At SBG Bury, our coaches are here to ensure you are on the path you desire to be on. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, learn something new, or become the new Champion. Our coaches who are not only accomplished athletes but make training fun and engaging. Nobody will be more invested in your growth and improvement than an SBG coach.

Glyn Powdich

2nd degree BJJ Black Belt

Glyn Powditch is a 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt (Sept 2013) under Karl Tanswell and certified MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Instructor at Straight Blast Gym Manchester. Glyn also holds a brown belt in Judo from his time training under Steve Pullen at Cheadle & Urmston Judo Club and has competed in BJJ and Judo at International and national competitions from Gracie Invitationals to the English Judo Open, winning the Absolute and middleweight divisions at the Revolution Submission Wrestling Tournament as well as medalling several tournaments such as SENI and Gracie Invitationals between 2003 and 2009. All classes follow the SBG I-method of Introduction, Isolation, and Integration with a specific focus on fundamentals. In 2017, Glyn has travelled all over the world to train, training at SBG Portland with Matt Thornton and attending the Rickson Gracie seminar, SBG Athens with the Singer Brothers, SBG Buford with Phillipe Gentry, 6th degree Black Belt Roberto Traven, and to South Korea with SBG affiliate World Jiu Jitsu in Pangyo.

Pete Joyce

Black Belt

One of Karl Tanswell’s first blue and purple belts earning the latter in 2007, Pete competed in a number of competitions including Sub League and SENI in the early 2000s, coaching many of the classes at the original SBG UK HQ in all ranges from striking to clinch and ground. Pete was promoted to black belt by Glyn Powditch in 2022.

REVIEWS OF SBG BURY Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Facility

Eastern Panda Western Lion
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I dropped in for an early morning session whilst travelling in the area and really glad I did. Head instructor Glyn Powditch is on another level when it comes to explaining the underlying concepts of jiu jitsu, it's hard to imagine anyone wouldn't benefit from training there. The other students were friendly, well trained and I learnt a lot from everyone I rolled with.
Adam Noone
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Glyn Powditch is the most erudite coach I have had the pleasure of learning from, couple this with a great group of coaches and members and it makes SBG Bury a must for anyone looking to get into or further their martial arts. It’s difficult to say enough good things about SBG and it’s world class way of learning and ethos. I would suggest not just taking my word for it but by checking it out for yourself, you won’t regret it!!
Andrew Jenkins
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Would recommend training with Glyn Powditch to anyone whatever level they may be at.. great instructor well worth a visit..
Jamie Nicholls
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I’ve just finished my first month at SBG Bury. I’m 32, been an avid gym goer all my life, but injured my back badly and since then struggled with any form of exercise. I’ve never followed MMA, BJJ or considered myself someone who would try this kind of thing. From my initial enquiry it was abundantly clear that Glyn is extremely experienced and he made feel at ease about my injury, training and learning. The last 4 weeks have been fantastic for me, from a training, learning and weight loss perspective but also from a sense of community perspective too, there are no egos, everybody wants to learn and help you learn too. As a teacher Glyn focuses on the fundamental’s. I have taken learnings from BJJ into my everyday life. Could not recommended this enough.
Daron Davidson
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Cards on the table, this is the best gym I've ever been to. Glyn is a patient, thorough and very analytical coach. He is one of the greatest minds in the BJJ domain, and puts a lot of time into making sure your fundamentals are on point in every aspect of BJJ.