SBG Bury Terms & Conditions


All SBG Bury members and Pay As you Go (“Members”), guests, and those periodically visiting (together “you”)  SBG Bury Ltd (a “Club”) must comply with these Rules. These Rules are incorporated into a Member’s Contract with us, and compliance with these Rules is important both to maintain the standards at our Clubs and to enable Members to get full enjoyment from their Membership. 

Any person who does not comply with these Rules may be ejected from, or denied access to a Club, or may have their Membership terminated by SBG Bury Ltd if the non-compliance is serious.

Your safety and that of our people here at SBG Bury Ltd, is our highest priority.

As a result of COVID-19, things will operate a little differently around here and we are continuously monitoring the situation to make any necessary changes. As such, the Club Rules will change slightly. If in doubt, please ask a member of our team.

Any measures in the additional club and operational rules (on display in various parts of the club) take precedence over any others for the time being and they are in place to provide a safe environment for all; for training right, in line with best practice for social distancing, hygiene, cleanliness, club operations and team & member safety.

We reserve the right to make reasonable amendments to these Rules, or our individual Club operational rules, at any time. If we do this, we will give Members reasonable advance notice by placing the new Rules on a notice board.


  1. Acceptance of an application for Membership is at our absolute discretion (although we will exercise our discretion reasonably, and in compliance with applicable laws).
  2. Membership entitles Members to use the facilities available from time to time. We offer different types of Memberships and facilities, and the types of memberships and facilities offered by us may change from time to time.
  3. Full time members on the monthly membership will be enrolled onto our insurance scheme, as party of their membership, at the next available point of entry. It’s the members responsibility to check directly with the UKBJJA that they are insured
  4. Pay as you Go members are not covered under our Insurance and it is their responsibility to make sure they are adequately insured on the mat.
  5. We have public liability insurance for members and visitors to the building who are not participating on the mat.


Parents of junior members are welcome on the premises to drop off and pick up students. There is no spectators on the mat unless you are an Adult Member of the club with a child on the mat.


  1. You should conduct yourself in a quiet and well-mannered fashion when in or about a Club, and in a manner that will not disturb or impair the use and enjoyment of that Club by any other person. In particular you may not use foul, loud, or abusive language, nor will you behave in a threatening manner, nor will you molest, or harass, other Members, guests, visitors, or members of staff. You may not bring, use, or be under the influence of illegal drugs in any part of a Club. You may not bring any intoxicating 
    liquor into a Club or be drunk in a Club.
  2. We may terminate your Membership (if applicable) and may refuse you entry into the Club, or eject you from the Club, if you commit a serious or repeated breach of these Rules, your Membership contract (if applicable), or if you engage in any other serious misconduct.
  3. Members of a Club, their guests, visitors, and members of staff should at all times display mutual respect for each other.
  4. Complaints should be communicated privately to a member of the Head Coach, Glyn Powditch.
  5. Smoking is prohibited in any area of the club including the use of e-cigarettes or similar devices.
  6. You must be dressed in suitable attire at all times when on Club premises, and appropriate exercise clothing is required whilst exercising in a Club. Gi’s must be clean and we expect a good degree of personal hygiene due to the proximity of the sport and a mixed sex mat. If a complaint is made about your kit or personal hygiene this will be communicated to you privately. If you continually fall short of these standards you may have your membership terminated.
  7. Only one individual is permitted in the toilet at any one time (with the exception of a parent or guardian who may take his/her own child aged up to 8 years into a cubicle with him/her).
  8. Members are respectfully requested to leave coats and rucksacks off the mat in front of the door and to remove all items when they leave. Lost property, such as socks, will be disposed of after the session, larger items will be kept for a week, then disposed of.
  9. Members are asked to bring their own plasters in case of cuts as we cannot provide these under health and safety regulations. If you do have a bleed you are required to clean it up and  put all soiled materials in the bin.


  1. Opening/ class times for the Club will be displayed on the SBG Bury Members Facebook page. You will be added to this group when you become a full-time member.
  2. The club is only open when classes are on. No entry to the building is possible at any other time.
  3. Pay as you go members are only permitted to attend the pay as you go sessions and will not be added to the FB members group, breathing group or any other members only groups.
  4. Pay as you go members  are not entitled to attend Members classes with a monthly Member.
  5. You will be advised of the current class times on enquiry. Payment and the waiver must be completed before you can step on the mat.
  6. We reserve the right to use any individual or group photographs or movie shots of you for press or promotional purposes, or within the Facebook Members Group/ You tube channel for educational purposes.
  7. You must not consume any food in the Club.
  8. All water bottles, disposable or otherwise and rubbish should be taken away with you after class, or disposed of in the bin provided. 


  1. You must use the main entrance to a Club when entering or leaving that Club.
  2. Fire exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interests of safety and you must not interfere with fire doors for any reason.
  3. You must comply with any reasonable requests made by the Coaches in relation to matters of health and safety.
  4. Any COVID-19 secure messages related to Health & Safety in and around the club will take precedence over other measures.


  1. You must be fit and healthy to step on the mat. No coughs, cold, cold sores etc on the mat. Verruca’s and athletes foot must be covered with appropriate socks.
  2. Appropriate clean exercise clothing must be worn whilst exercising, either Gi, or shorts/leggings  and top – no zips or buckles.
  3. You are asked to arrive five (5) minutes prior to any class. We reserve the right to refuse to re-book onto a class if you repeatedly cancel (with less than 24 hours’ notice) or fail to keep an appointment for services and/or exercise programmes.
  4. You may not step on the mat while under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, antihistamines, beta-blockers, narcotics, tranquilizers or any medication or other substance which may affect your ability to exercise safely.
  5. You must pre-book classes to ensure your participation in them.
  6. Class timetables and instructors are subject to change from time to time without notice.
  7. You are requested not to open the doors while a class is in progress, as this may disrupt other participants.
  8. In order to avoid disturbing classes, you are requested to arrive in good time.
  9. Entrance to classes after the class start time will be refused.
  10. Where, in the opinion of an instructor, a class is overcrowded, the instructor may restrict the number of attendees in the class if unbooked people turn up.
  11. An instructor may, at any time, ask you to leave a class if you are jeopardising the safety or enjoyment of others.

Junior Membership

    1. All junior memberships are in 12 week blocks, this ensures that the class advances as a team without the unwanted interruptions and disturbance of pay as you go or trial sessions.
    2. We do not provide trial sessions or pay as you go sessions for Juniors.
    3. Parents will be informed of the times of the classes on sign up.
    4. Membership is in 12 week blocks, you are paying for access to up to 3 classes a week within that 12 week window, not 36 sessions to be taken at any time. If the club is closed for half terms or holiday the window will be extended to incorporate that closure and the next payment date advised.
    5. A Guardian may be asked to remove their child, if, in the opinion of the coach, the child is upset, ill, or not adhering to the behaviour policy.
    6. Guardians are required to complete registration forms for all junior members before access to is permitted.
    7. Guardians should allow adequate time to arrive and settle their children. Non members cannot wait on the mat during class and Guardians will be required to leave the premises and return for the end of class.
    8. Junior members must not be brought into Club if they are suffering from any infectious illness or condition such as vomiting or diarrhoea or cold sores or covid 19.
    9. Guardians must ensure that children are appropriately dressed.
    10. Guardians must inform a member of staff if their child has additional needs.
    11. If a member has concerns regarding a child or an adult at risk’s welfare, they can report these concerns confidentially to a Designated Safeguarding Lead in club. Details on Virgin Active’s safeguarding policies and procedures are available in Club V.


  1. You may drop off in the car park, but there is no car parking available onsite.  Plenty of off street parking is available around the gym.
  2. No unauthorised parking is permitted on Club premises.


  1. You cannot take photographs or video recordings in the restricted areas listed below:
    – Changing rooms
    – Toilets
  2. You must not take photos or video of any children under 18 other than your own.
    You must respect the rights of other adult members when taking photos or video in other areas of the club by not intentionally taking photos or videos of others. You will be requested to delete them if challenged.
  3. If we believe that you may have taken a photo or video footage in a restricted area or have concerns with you taking photo or video footage elsewhere in the club, we may ask you to show us the images taken and ask you to delete them if appropriate.
  4. We reserve the right to use any individual or group photographs or movie shots of you for press or promotional purposes. By taking our membership you consent to this usage unless you expressly state otherwise to the Head Coach in writing and receive confirmation of receipt.