Gym Opening Hours & visits

Our gym offers classes 7 days per week. There are morning and evening sessions on weekdays and morning sessions at the weekends. We do NOT have any visits of none members to the gym without prior contact.

The gym is only open during classes so if the gym happens to be open and you randomly turn up you will be turned away as there is no receptionist and this will be distracting to the class.

For those looking to become a monthly member, we ask you to complete the forms on the website or call us on 07775901452

Current members of the gym include UFC Veteran Aaron Wilkinson and former Pro MMA fighter Jonny Ohikere. We’ve also got housewives, accountants, software engineers, chemists, police officers etc.
We have had a lot of coverage on podcasts and we encourage anyone enquiring to fully check out what some of the top martial artists in the world have said about us.

Other references we can give you include John Kavanagh (Conor McGregors coach), UFC Vet and coach to UFC Champion Forrest Griffin, SBG Founder Matt Thornton, etc.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate.

Facebook Breathing group

Whether you are an adult or a child at SBG Bury, with practise, you will become a respiration expert, in control of your mind and body.

We offer a private members only Facebook group containing instructional videos. You will learn how to measure your vital lung capacity, you will learn breathing exercises to make your breathing more efficient. and a specific exercise rescheme to increase your vital lung capacity. As famous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner Rickson Gracie states, breathing was his single biggest advantage in Jiu Jitsu competitions, in a cage, and in life. From training directly with Rickson, Glyn qualified as a breathing instructor under Dr Belisa Vranich, author of Breath and Breathing for warriors.

Online videos & session recordings

There are countless examples of classes on both Facebook and Youtube available to anyone that’s interested in learning more about Martial Arts. Other videos are available such as seminars conducted by Glyn is the US or video’s filmed in the 17,000 feet gym in Dublin that Connor McGregor trains at.

We record most of the sessions in the gym so even if you miss sessions, you can easily catch up with what we’ve been covering. These sessions are posted to our Facebook group which anyone can join, and to our YouTube page (

Members are free to make use of our mobile phone stands to record themselves in action and ask for feedback from coaches and team mates alike in our members messenger groups. This accelerates learning and ensures mistakes are constantly corrected.