We are located at Kay Brow Complex, Ramsbottom BL0 9AY which has just been opened after we outgrew the old gym. We recommend any potential students to read the following whether they join us or another BJJ gym to make your experience as good as possible

During the day, there is strictly NO PARKING. For all classes, even in evenings we recommend you park a few minutes walk away either on street or in the multitude of car parks nearby. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for parking tickets or terms of use or car park rules and conditions. Once on Kay Brow look for the underpass (pictured below). You need to walk through the underpass. As you walk under the underpass, on the right hand side is our gym (ie the wall on the right side is our wall). Walk all the way through and access us by the roller door.

From Square Street: head up the hill on the left hand side of the picture towards the white van. The entrance to the complex is immediately by the van

Fuse Fit is next door us and is an excellent marker on the map below for those using the Sat Nav or coming from afar. There is some street parking on Square Street, and a number of car parks belonging to the various supermarkets as well as some free public ones. If you are dropping off little ones for class it may be worth getting your shopping while here.