Self Defence classes in Bury

Gracie JJGF Certified Academy

Self defence training for everyone

There are a wide variety of martial arts in Bury from traditional styles such as Traditional Ju Jitsu, Karate, and Kung Fu, through to ‘alive’ martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Thaiboxing, Wrestling, and Judo. ‘Alive’ martial arts rely on sparring, timing, and resisting opponents. 

When learning new techniques, it is important to initially begin with zero resistance. However, once the student has had the opportunity to practice the move a few times, their partner should then gradually increase the resistance until something close to full resistance is experienced. Alive martial arts are far more useful in street defence situations and almost always have sporting outlets.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes in bury

Look at the experience of the coaches. Have they competed in live competitive environments like Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ, wrestling, boxing, Judo, or Thaiboxing? Martial artists generally have a coach and organisation they are part of. Who does the coach train under? Which organisations are they a part of? You generally cannot go too far wrong with genuine BJJ grades affiliated to known competitive teams. Judo clubs are usually members of the BJA or BJC. Thaiboxers can usually be traced back to Master Sken, Master Woody, Master Toddy, or a known Kru.

Why learn self defence at SBG Bury

Our advice would be to stay away from clubs who focus primarily on self defence and talk about dirty moves like “eye gouges”, “fish hooks”, “bites”, etc without live sparring in the classes for senior belts. Such ‘dirty’ techniques without an alive delivery system are useless i.e. they will not determine success in a fight by themselves and are unlikely to finish a fight or control a situation effectively.

They also encourage an unhealthy training environment and typically are anything but ‘alive’. Finally, when it comes to law enforcement, such behaviours as biting will likely be punished as a sign of excessive force.

We are a members only club, which makes our classes much safer, please see for the types of membership we offer for adults