Gracie JJGF Certified Academy

Our Kids martial arts classes

Our Kid’s classes are our fastest growing programme in a room padded on both the floor and walls with 40mm Judo mats to 2 metres high (many gyms use 20mm). 

Our children’s programme builds confidence, self esteem and genuine respect for each other and their new friends with self defence via BJJ, Judo, wrestling and defensive striking. We use MMA style grappling in clinch making use of the 2 metre high padded walls in our gym. Many of our 6 year olds can talk a parent through a strategy to safely restrain an attacker with a wall pin and if required, take them to the ground.


After all the excitement of grappling for an hour, we also coach children on breathing techniques at the end of the class. They also know they can use this skill when they need to go to sleep, when they are anxious, as well as when they are training.

Going home feeling calm and relaxed after a grappling session thanks to breathing techniques


How can they adequately assess the levels of resistance they should use when uncomfortable with a peer or adult, both verbal and non verbal?

Is it is necessary for children to engage in striking each other in the head in order to protect themselves from this happening at the hands of a bully? Many clubs, such as those involved in striking arts such as karate or boxing struggle to coach what is reasonable force because hitting others by definition is a volatile in its nature. What may deter one individual may not deter another and others may be seriously injured by a similar blow. Can a child justifiably punch another in the face for name calling? What degree of injury could that inflict? Too often, a well meaning parent or coach may end up giving a child skills inappropriate to the situation and without the responsibilities to go with those skills.

Our approach heavily emphasises grappling so children can confidently control an aggressor through escapes, pins, and controlled restraint. So as well as learning how to defend themselves in all ranges; striking, clinch and ground, they learn vital life skills to help keep them safe, confident and happy for the rest of their lives.

Martial arts classes for kids in bury


This is all without the outdated dogmas of traditional, sketchy lineage black belts who can’t defend themselves adequately, and questionable (if any) coaching skills. Unfortunately, this is rife in the Bury area. Please check out clubs with reputable third parties such as the UKBJJA or independent Facebook groups such as the UK BJJ Underground.

SBG is the only world class Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu organisation in the Bury area. We don’t have unclear lineage, sketchy associations, or wear Gis or belts that in any way mislead or misrepresent our expertise. To recap, we are:

  • UKBJJA registered club.
  • Fully Insured (members should still purchase their own cover).
  • DBS checked.
  • SBG has achieved unrivalled success in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, such as simultaneous two division champion Conor McGregor.
  • Glyn Powditch is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under 3rd degree Karl Tanswell and now due to Karl’s untimely passing, under 4th degree Matt Thornton, SBG International President. Glyn regularly coaches at SBG’s Camps in the US and U.K., most recently in June 2019.
  • Glyn qualified as an SBG MMA instructor back in 2006. He has been training in MMA and BJJ for 20 years.
  • Glyn is a a parent to 3. He not only understands what is required at the highest levels technically, he also understands what generally is safe and healthy for children and what is not.