Don’t be Mr January 

Just a quick note on January. We actually drafted this for our members. However, it probably applies more widely to all gyms. In fact we know it does. Whether you choose us, or another gym, or are a member at our gym or somewhere else, please consider the following when joining a gym for the first time OR restarting your BJJ or MMA journey having lapsed. 

January is NOT a normal month for any gym. It is fantastic to have lots of new people down. New people who stay the course, means more classes, which means more opportunities to train, more friends, more opportunities for improvement, etc. Both new and existing members are, on average, more motivated at this time of year. We, on average attend more classes, we train on more days, we share ambitions with each other, etc. This is all great. If we all had a crystal ball and could know who will stay and who will go, I doubt any of us would waste each other’s time.  We are all inundated with enquiries at this time of year. Many considering BJJ or MMA want to pop down for a chat with us, usually at the times that we run classes which are already packed out. We try to handle these enquiries via email or phone. Some people are out of area and we direct them to gyms closer to their home or work. 

However, please be aware that the experience you receive in the gym right now in January, is NOT really typical of the rest of the year. If you are complaining that the mat is full when you choose to train in the most popular sessions…..If you complain because the class is geared towards the weakest person on the mat…… If you complain that the gym needs to move because its too small……..Ask yourself where you were in December or the other 10 months you could have begun or restarted your training? Where were you at all those early morning Friday or lunchtime sessions which were down to 2-3 people where you would have got a private or semi-private class with the coach at no extra cost?  If you are a member complaining about the influx of new guys, where were you on that 3 person session of black and brown belts that you didn’t want to spar with, because you know that’s a bit too tasty. We know you want sparring and need that at your “level”, but not like that with people who can slowly and confidently beat you and it will be an hour of being tapped. Why are you still making the same mistakes your coach corrected and asked you to video your session so we can move away from repeating the same fundamental material you have not mastered? 

Its all too easy to complain and whine. You can call it feedback or constructive criticism but at the end of the day, gyms and coaches are doing their very best in what is a crazy time for them. And come February, everything is back to normal. This is the time to form reasonable judgements. Don’t be a January guy! 

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