kid's classes - faq

No, children in our classes can wear comfortable workout training gear so long as it does not have zips nor is anyway dangerous to the child or their training partners. You can buy a gi either from us or online should you wish to. Most do, but some don’t. It is not a priority for us. 

We do NOT charge additional fees nor award belts for anything other than performance against a resisting training partner. Our belt system is based on the IBJJF framework. 

We are sorry but we do not do any of the above. Our YouTube channel has ample technique videos from our adults class posted daily and there are also some clips from our children’s team posted to the Facebook and YouTube pages. If your child joins us and doesn’t like it, we can credit a pro rata refund less a £30 administration fee. We have yet to have to do this. Once your child is a member, we don’t have parents watching as little good rarely comes of it. You may see parents who are graded assistant instructors within the gym assisting Glyn with the class. 

We take children ideally from the age of 6 and will consider 5 year olds. However, any younger and based on our experience, we believe they would be better suited to gymnastic classes elsewhere. We do not take children 4 or below. 

It depends on a case by case basis. However, at around 14, most children are better off in the adults classes. 

Not at all. We have plenty of girls and they are doing fantastically well. They more than hold their own.