Free Online BJJ Training

We offer Free Online BJJ & MMA Training in our Facebook group for prospective students to take a look at our classes prior to coming down as well as for existing students to recap on previous classes. Many of our online students have attended seminars from all over the world due to our reputation for excellence in coaching fundamentals and have asked to join our group. Please apply to join our group at the link above.

How much can you gain from online BJJ or MMA training?

Quite a lot. Online training should always be a compliment to an existing training programme with qualified coaches from clear lineage and association. Watching videos is never a replacement for live training. Furthermore, randomly searching YouTube for videos is never a good idea as a beginner. Whilst part of the fun of Jiu Jitsu is discovery, my preference as a coach for students attending my class is to exhaust all the existing material I have already curated, created and shared based on a judgement developed over 20 years of training with some of the best coaches in the MMA and BJJ world and also taking into account wider experience in continuous improvement design like machine learning.

The best way to use online training is to watch back material from the classes that you actually attend and practice. The reasons for this are numerous:

  1. Correcting miscommunication or misunderstandings about the material covered during class.
  2. Repeatedly hearing and seeing the same message often creates greater levels of realisation and understanding.
  3. This repetition embeds the ideas, movements, and feelings experienced to hardwire them into your brain.
  4. Reduces the latency between recognising a situation, selecting a response, and then executing it.
  5. Ask questions to correct and further understanding in the forum.

By having a structured approach to watching material that you are currently working in class, you optimise your performance in the gym and avoid wasting your time searching for poor quality material elsewhere that is irrelevant to your current level of knowledge and understanding. YouTube has little way of preventing poor quality instruction and simply watching random material is unlikely to improve your game without a significant level of experience. Filling your head with new techniques whilst you are trying to learn and master what you are doing in the gym only delays the learning process.

We have began forming an online syllabus that will always be a work in progress as we further our own understanding. However, its worth watching back previous material as our conceptual approach connects together the same concepts in different positions.

Sample Clips

Here is a clip from a recent class on pummelling from our Head Coach showing how its commonly taught and practised by nearly everyone in an incorrect way which can lead to you being knocked out or cross faced.

We were asked to film a number of instructional videos by the Warrior Collective. They should help those wanting to learn more about BJJ or considering coming to train at SBG Bury a flavour of the coaching approach.

Here is my video on BJJ side mount bottom posture for the Warrior Collective filmed at SBG in Bury……

There are a number of others filmed too. where we have since completely revised our approach. There were filmed in around 2014.

BJJ Rubber Guard Posture

BJJ Back Defence Posture

One of the most important ways to accelerate your development is conceptually linking positions together. This video shows how the correct posture in butterfly guard is identical to the correct posture for back defence.

Finally, some competition footage of myself back in 2007 in the final of the Revolution Tournament Absolute Final vs Pro MMA Fighter Dave Hirst.

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