1st timers BJJ advice

Welcome to the wonderful world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Its going to be great!

Am I fit enough?

Common concerns relate to not having trained before, being too old or too small. None of these should be a concern as long as a doctor has signed you off to exercise for general fitness work and you’ve declared to the instructor any concerns and stipulated them on the registration form.

What shall I wear?

Comfortable long sleeves and long tracksuit bottoms are fine for beginners. You don’t need any expensive Gi’s until you have decided this is for you.

What is my experience level?

Sometimes when discussing experience levels, students seem to feel pressured to exaggerate – its not a job interview. We would advise anyone to be COMPLETELY HONEST about their experience level and the specific martial arts they have trained in. We’ve had multi degree ‘jiu jitsu black belts’ insist on training in advanced classes only to have one of our blue belts at the same age and weight class submit them repeatedly which doesn’t help anyone. We want the appropriate class for everyone’s level.

What Else Can A First Timer Do To Help Their Coach Help Them

For those coming to train with us for the very first time, please read the following advice and try to adhere to it. We are a friendly, open club but in order to make the environment as productive as possible for all students, we insist on a few ground rules for newcomers and their first time training with us. It may also help answer a few common questions you may have.

1) ALWAYS, ALWAYS, Please call ahead – for us on 07775 901452 or better still message us via our Facebook page or text us listing prior to coming down, either to train or watch. Its always useful for us to speak first to assess your experience and which classes will be most appropriate to attend. We know then know to look out for you as well on the first time you try to find us. We do NOT do walk-ins or just popping in. We don’t employ a receptionist which we would need to pass on the cost to you. Our coaches don’t want to be distracted by questions, knocks on the door, or people hanging around who we don’t know who they are. Its not fair on our students.

2) Timetables and ‘just popping in’ – we don’t publish a timetable as it increases the propensity of what we are trying to avoid: people self selecting classes and randomly turning up.

3) Know the gym’s location before you set off and aim to arrive early! The first time you come down, aim to arrive 15 minutes before the class is due to start. Firstly if you get lost, we have no problem helping you find us prior to class beginning. Secondly, we have a registration form that we need you to complete. Finally, if you do get lost, we do not answer calls once class has begun.

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