Krav Maga Classes In Bury

Many people believe that for self defence they require a different approach from mixed martial arts. ‘Self defense stylists’ sell themselves by highlighting that mixed martial arts doesn’t make use of nor defend against weapons. They point out that certain moves are illegal and they show weapon disarms against unresisting opponents who stand still and essentially allow them to show off techniques that appear flashy but simply do not work against live resisting opponents. This pretty much sums up Krav Maga. 

The best way to achieve the goals of Krav Maga are to develop fundamental fighting skills in striking, clinch and ground slowly building up resistance against live, resisting opponents with competitive skills in each of these areas. Then gradually over time, related skills such as the 2 on 1 from Greco Roman and Judo can be utilised into self defense situations such as knife defense. 

Come down to our world class 7 days per week facility to see why we are so different and so much more effective. 

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