BJJ & MMA Private Lessons

We offer private lessons in MMA, BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, Thaiboxing and Boxing which we have been certified to coach by the world renown SBGi since 2006. We also offer the opportunity for private classes to be recorded on video for review by the student. This saves note taking for the more diligent student but we have also found that being able to see and review the session enables faster progression. If the student is unable to record the session, we can usually tag them in our Facebook group on the pertinent videos for the position.

Unlike many BJJ coaches who predominately coach with a purely BJJ sport related mindset, normally showing you their own game in group or private classes, our fundamental approach is tailored around your specific requirements and preferences within the context of the “art of jiu jitsu” itself. All of our BJJ and grappling classes take into account strikes first and foremost unless you wish for them to be specifically removed, which is easy to do. Its very challenging for a coach that is not use to coaching jiu jitsu with striking to reverse the process. Gi or No Gi makes no odds to us as we employ a scientific approach to coaching.

We also coach specific MMA applications such as fighting off the wall and the use of vertical pinning for self defence and MMA prior to takedowns or strikes. Please call 07775 901 452 to book a private class.

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