What is a Fundamental?

Matt Thorton, SBG Founder, draws out his description of what is a fundamental from his seminar at SBG Edmonton, April 2015. The focus on fundamentals and concepts, over moves and techniques is what creates SBG’s competitive advantage for its athletes. Some have fed back they are unable to read some of the writing on their mobile devices so here is what it says:

“Jiu Jitsu = Maximum Benefit, Minimum Effort”

“Base -> Posture -> Pressure”

“Connection Leads To Flow, Flow Leads to Leverage, Leverage Leads to Victory”

“If you are not on your toes, you are not serious about passing”

“Perfect Jiu Jitsu begins with connectivity and ends with victory”


1- transcend culture
2- transcend bodies
3- transcend style
4- transcend environment
5- transcend time”


1) Relax

2) Survive

3) Make a Frame

4) Move away from the frame

5) Don’t go from bad to worse”

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