Don’t be Mr January 

Just a quick note on January. We actually drafted this for our members. However, it probably applies more widely to all gyms. In fact we know it does. Whether you choose us, or another gym, or are a member at our gym or somewhere else, please consider the following when joining a gym for the […]

Back defence & Butterfly Guard

Here I show what I believe is the best way to defend the back when the opponent has yet to control the collar or neck. Note how similar the correct posture I show here is identical to butterfly guard. By creating the correct posture, I create pressure and a feeling of disconnection for my opponent. […]


The only 1st degree BJJ Blackbelt in the area (maybe still the only black belt?) Glyn Powditch has trained and more importantly coached Brazilian Jiu Jitsu all over the world. Glyn is also assisted by Pete Joyce, an SBG Brown Belt whom himself has grappled for nearly 20 years. Glyn and Pete have grappled and […]

NOT “Ju Jitsu”

Recently, a number of people attending our BJJ Black Belt led and SBG qualified MMA classes have highlighted “Ju-Jitsu” schools in the local area claiming to offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This was extremely misleading in two specific cases we’ve seen. One MMA competitor who now competes for us had previously been spun a yarn of how […]

Kids Karate Classes

When it comes to looking for martial arts classes for kids, unless a parent is a fan of UFC or MMA, its likely they will look for karate classes when looking to improve their child’s self defence skills and discipline. Unaware of the ineffectiveness of most forms of karate and its poor results in the […]

Free Online BJJ Training

We offer Free Online BJJ & MMA Training in our Facebook group for prospective students to take a look at our classes prior to coming down as well as for existing students to recap on previous classes. Many of our online students have attended seminars from all over the world due to our reputation for […]

Breathing for BJJ – Dr Belisa Vranich

Dr Belisa Vranich is one of the go to experts on breathing in BJJ and grappling having coached the likes of Bas Rutten and Henry Akins. Here Glyn Powditch of SBG Bury and audience ask her questions after reading her book “Breathe” which is available on Audible. Questions asked include: “What should I do if […]

BJJ & MMA Private Lessons

We offer private lessons in MMA, BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, Thaiboxing and Boxing which we have been certified to coach by the world renown SBGi since 2006. We also offer the opportunity for private classes to be recorded on video for review by the student. This saves note taking for the more diligent student but we […]

What is a Fundamental?

Matt Thorton, SBG Founder, draws out his description of what is a fundamental from his seminar at SBG Edmonton, April 2015. The focus on fundamentals and concepts, over moves and techniques is what creates SBG’s competitive advantage for its athletes. Some have fed back they are unable to read some of the writing on their […]

The 3 Es of BJJ Progression are not equal

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economy are known as the 3Es in economics. The 3Es are a framework used to maximise value and are highly useful to any performance athlete, from the leisure player to the professional. I see its usefulness all the time in both training and coaching. I am contacted daily by people interested in […]